Choose any psychological concept from your textbook

Choose any psychological concept from your textbook (Interpersonal Concepts); this website my help with some ideas (opens in new window) (10 points), research your concept and share your research in a PowerPoint presentation.

Your presentation must include: definition of concept (10 points), proper language (10 points), and implications on society (10 points), examples (pictures, videos, etc.) (10 points), overview of concept (10 points), why this concept is important to you (10 points)

Presentations will need to meet the following requirements:

(1) You are required to have a minimum of 15 informative slides. You can have a maximum of 22 slides (10 Points).

(2) Your presentation must contain at least 1 informational chart, graph, or table (10 points).


 (4) At least 3 scholarly sources are required (Wikipedia, Google, & Yahoo are not scholarly) – a FULL APA reference page is required in the APA format (10 points).

 (5) If you decide to embed a media source into your presentation – make sure it is done correctly so that it is viewable. Media that does not play correctly will be counted off.

So now we’ve moved forward in time to another school shooting, albeit still over 10 years in the past.  I want you to look at the red flags, notably Cho’s mental health history.

1.  Cho had a documented history of mental health problems/illnesses.  When do things change over for him? Many people have mental health issues, but school shootings are a rare manifestation of these underlying problems.

2.  What should have been done by Cho’s parents/school/community/government and others to prevent the violence based on his mental illness?  Keep in mind his civil liberties and privacy rights.

Please use concrete examples from the reading and/or additional material that is available online from credible sources.

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