An in-depth comparison of Tylenols 1982 response to the deaths in Chicago , writing homework help

Final topic:Corporate response: An in-depth comparison of Tylenol’s 1982 response to the deaths in Chicago versus 2009-10 recall.

Conduct a study of the CEO response both to the public and internally. What were the circumstances that led up to each event? What effects of the political and regulatory environment enables and constrains how Tylenol reacted? In 2009, analyze the effects of social media. How would you have handled the situation if you were to advise Tylenol? What are the key ethical questions to address? What lessons from each situation can we leverage in future legislation?

Format: Limit background of case. Write a 5 page paper (APA format from trusted sources) in MS Word plus an accompanying 3 page power point presentation with the key messages.

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