3 slide Food Powerpoint Presentation, environmental science homework help

Only focus on the slides that are highlighted and underlined. Do not do any of the other slides. So you are giving me the 3 slides and then the references you used, so 4 slides total. I will need speaker notes and no plagiarism, it will be checked.

Slide 1: Title Slide

Slide 2: Introduction –

Slide 3: Food Additives – Main effects of food additives on living organisms

Slide 4: Drug Residues – Main effects of drug residues on living organisms

Slide 5: Food Contaminants – Main effects of food contaminants on living organisms –

Slide 6: Mycotoxins – What are they and examples

Slide 7: Mycotoxins – Effects on Organisms – What are the toxic effects of mycotoxins on living organisms

Slide 8: Pesticides – Overview –

Slide 9: Insecticides – What are insecticides and how do they effect living organisms

Slide 10: Herbicides – What are herbicides and how do they effect living organisms

Slide 11: Fungicides – What are fungicides and how do they effect living organisms

Slide 12: Conclusion

Slide 13 and on: References

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