Your team is a client (company commissioning work), and you will create a request for proposal (RFP), which will be given to an agency to develop a media plan pitch


DUE DATE: 9/19/2019

FORMAT: Two delivery formats: 1. Hardcopy Slides. 2. In-Class Presentation


Your team is a client (company commissioning work), and you will create a request for proposal

(RFP), which will be given to an agency to develop a media plan pitch. Your RFP should be very

comprehensive and should include all the necessary information for an agency to understand

your business and marketing objectives. The agency will use your RFP to create an integrated

media plan recommendation.


1. Form a team with 2-3 students. Please ensure that everybody is contributing fully. Your

work will be evaluated individually, and all team members should have equal roles

presenting during the session.

2. Decide on the brand or product you will represent. It should be well-known, so that the

other students could relate to it.

3. RFP must include the following sections:

a. ABOUT YOUR COMPANY: Describe your brand/product

b. BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Describe what your business is currently going through

and why they need the new media plan. (Examples of business challenge could

be: decreasing sales, expanding into a new market, launching a new product,


c. COMPETITION: Describe your competition and how they engage their customers.

d. BUSINESS OBJECTIVES: Describe your larger business objectives that the

executive suite is focused on achieving in the coming year(s). Please be as

specific as possible. (Examples of business objectives could include: Achieving

$100M in revenue, growing faster than the market, strategic expansion into

adjacent spaces, etc.)

e. MARKETING STRATEGIES: Describe market strategies that your organization has

in place to achieve business objectives. (Examples of marketing strategies could

include: Leverage established brand equity and customer base to expand into

adjacent spaces, target a new customer segment – 21-28-year-olds, reposition

the brand as a technology leader in artificial intelligence, etc.)

f. CUSTOMER TARGET SEGMENT: describe to the agency the customer you are

planning to target: demographic, psychographic, behavioral profile

g. EXCLUSIONS: please let the agency know if there are any specific items,

objectives, which should be excluded from the media plan. The agency will not

be successful in achieving all of your objectives, so it is critical to inform what

should not be their focus.

h. AGENCY ASK: be very specific in asking the agency what they should deliver with

their integrated media plan. Your ask to the agency should include the following

(you should just provide questions for the agency to answer with their proposal.


i. Develop an integrated media plan to overcome our company’s business

challenges and achieve our marketing objectives

ii. Review our suggested customer target segment profile and see if you

could uncover additional insights about their behavior, which could be

leveraged in the media channel selection.

iii. 2020 Media plan should include:

1. Creative vs. media budget (investment) suggestion

2. Media budget by channel by month for 2020

3. Media channels recommended. Please be very specific and

provide a written explanation why your suggested media channels

are the best fit for this our organization

a. Ensure that you directly tie the media selection to

customer target segments, business and marketing


4. How our competition is engaging customers and how we will be


5. How you will measure media plan’s success by media channel.

Media plan should be based on maximized ROI.

iv. Your integrated media plan should convince us to select your

recommended approach, so please be creative, persuasive, and challenge

our thinking.

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