Your answers to the questions (1-5) about reclaimed water use at Snow Bowl

  • Read the article “Compromise complicated in debate over faith, water, and land” by Megan Finnerty at following the link: protest-snowbowl-snow-making/70214892/
  •  Above article has probably given you a good understanding about the issue, if you need more info please don’t hesitate to use the skills you learned from HW4, Scientific Article search. 
  •  Your answers to the questions (1-5) about reclaimed water use at Snow Bowl should not exceed 2 pages  12 font Times New Roman  default margins
     single spacing
  •  Your answers should be written in your own words, so that we can tell you understand what you are writing. It is not acceptable to just copy answers word-for-word from another source. If needed please read more to understand the situation better.
  •  This is a pedagogical tool called 54321. Save your answers to questions below as a single pdf, and upload it to BB for HW7 by Nov 9, 8 am. Questions:
    1. Please summarize FIVE most important aspects from the discussion in this article – Rephrase and be brief!
    2. Identify and discuss FOUR treatment methods in use for the reclaimed water for snow making. You need additional research here, please use the library search techniques you already learned from HW4.
    3. Do a library and/or web – search to find out THREE known public health issues associated with the pollutants found in the reclaimed water that is being used for snow ( NAU Professor Catherine Propper has done research on this issue, and published )
    4. Discuss TWO things you find personally controversial about this case.
    5. Some environmental challenges we face, unfortunately cannot be solved favorably for all parties. Identify and explain ONE similar confrontation of faith and culture with development and technology from your own interests or experiences.

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