writing skills, Edu100 Week 1 Discussion 1 Response L.P. help

Review your classmates’ posts and write a minimum 150-word response to at least two of them.  Suggest two or three resources that your classmates may utilize to help build their writing/research/APA citing skills, websites, tools, or other techniques you use that could help them prepare their written assignments.

I feel that I need to work on properly using information in my writing. For this reason, I chose to review the information under the “Properly Using a Citing Research in Your Writing” heading.

Why did you pick that particular writing skill?  Is it a skill you have struggled with in the past?  Explain your choice.

I feel that I have always struggled some with the ability to pick and choose which sources to utilize in my writing. I also sometimes have issues deciding exactly how to use the source. I can imagine how I would use a given source in my writing but then tend to have too much research and not enough of my writing. I tend to have quote heavy papers.

•Which resource(s) was/were the most helpful, and why?  Give 2-3 reasons.

I feel that the guidelines for quoting and paraphrasing were the best resources for me. They both were concise and to the point, and gave ample examples of correct ways to use research in my writing. I love the I-C-E acronym for including a quote in your work- Introduce, Cite, and Explain. I often introduce and cite my quotes, but fail to explain after the fact why my quote supports my ideas.

•How do you anticipate that this particular skill can help you in this course and during your time at Ashford?

I think this will help me at Ashford and in this course in a couple of ways. First, I will be able to complete my work in a timelier manner, as I have a better understanding of how to use quotes and paraphrasing to my advantage. Second, my grades will reflect this more thoughtful, careful use of research in my writing.

•In what ways do you anticipate mastery of the specified skill will help you as a future professional?

As a teacher, it is important to be able to write well. I do not often have to cite resources or use quotations with my preschooler or their parents, but may in my future train other teachers where using quotes and paraphrasing information may become necessary, and this information will be helpful in that instance.

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