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Ashford 4: – Week 3 – Assignment

Final Capstone Project Outline

Review the Final Capstone Project instructions in Week Five. Then, visit the Ashford Writing Center located under the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation tool bar in your online classroom, and review the “Sample: Outline.” Format your outline for the Final Capstone Project according to the “Sample: Outline.” (NOTE: In the “Sample: Outline,” it states that the thesis statement is the last one to three sentences of the introduction. However, the thesis statement must be one sentence in length and the last sentence of the introduction.)

The outline must contain:

  • Introduction of the Community Development Plan with thesis statement
  • At least five body paragraphs of the Community Development Plan and Technology Proposal
  • Conclusion of the Community Development Plan and Technology Proposal
  • Reference page

The paper must be five pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least three scholarly resources (at least two of which can be found in the Ashford Online Library) other than the textbook to support your claims and subclaims. Cite your resources in text and on the reference page.

Community Development Plan Instructions

You are the leader of your agency’s planning and research division and have been asked to present a

critical analysis of policing as it will appear ten years into the future. Write a report based on peer



You must include the following components in your Community Development Plan:



What types of individuals would you recruit? Why?


What type of education or experience would be required? Why?


What type of training would be implemented?



What type of ethical training would be needed? Why?


What type of leadership training will be needed? How will this be implemented?


How would you define and describe the current need for succession planning for future police

leadership, and what can

agencies and individuals do to meet these challenges?


Why is it important for police leaders to study the future, and what approaches have been

adopted by Police Futurists International for this purpose?

Peak, K. (2012). Policing America: Challenges and best practices (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education

You can use references you used for the Annotated Bibliography

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