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Cooperation in Building Safer Communities

Briefly describe the four steps towards developing safer communities that police labor and management can take together. Identify and describe two or three difficulties that can be anticipated during implementation of this four-step process. How would you suggest enacting this process in a fiscally restrictive environment?

Week 5 Discussion 2


Developing safer communities is a concern every community leader should have. Sadly this is not the case more often than not the political leader say they care, however actions speak louder than words. The police management differs in their opinion on safe communities when compared to the rank and file of a department; so how is a safer community created. Fortunately there is a process in place for this. The process consists of four steps. The first step is to poll the public; with this the law enforcement is seeking direct feedback from their community.  For the next step the opinions of the officers in the departments are polled.  “The poll should seek to determine what the officer’s think about the effectiveness and efficiency of the department; How would the officers allocate resources and personnel if they had the power” (DeLord, R., & Sanders, J. 2006). The third step in this process is to conduct on audit on the department, here is when an outside agency audits the performance on the department to locate problem within the agency. The last step in this process is the have the labor and management build a coalition in support of a shared vision. This is necessary for success; if the both sides cannot agree on the vision this entire process will fail. 

  One challenge I can predict is the unwillingness of officers to participate in the process. I would fear as a union leader that I would not receive the honest feedback form member necessary. Another issue I can see is police officers resenting the audit. I fell this would built an extra amount of tension for the department, and if implemented poorly would further strain the relationship between labor and management. 

DeLord, R., & Sanders, J. (2006, August). Police labor-management relations (vol. I): Perspective and   practical solution for implementing change, making reforms, and handling crisis for managers   and union leaders. U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.   Retrieved from http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/files/ric/Publications/e07063417.pdf

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