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Disarming the Political Grenade week 4 discussion 2

Analyze the political and social effects of racial profiling within law enforcement. Conduct research and find at least two scholarly resources on this topic. Then, conduct a brief comparative analysis between criminal profiling and racial profiling. Identify the concerns brought forward by the community and the American Civil Liberties Union (A.C.L.U.) regarding racial profiling. Provide your opinion on how law enforcement should allay these concerns.  

He wrote (J) When it comes to racial profiling this is a practice that is not taken lightly in any law enforcement career. If anyone is found to be racial profiling they will get in to a lot of trouble or even fired. There is definitely a big difference in racial profiling and criminal profiling. When it comes to racial profiling you are doing things because of the color of someone’s skin. Criminal profiling is where an officer pulls someone over due to them fitting the profile of what a normal criminal looks like. This could be someone riding in a drug area at 3 a.m. or even a car that looks like the way cars will look when involved in criminal activity. This could include having multiple subjects in it, having tons of clothes in the car, or even the car having multiple defects on it. This could also include someone that is riding around without tags on the car. Officers should definitely stay away from racial profiling because this will end up causing more trouble than that officer will ever believe. Racial profiling and criminal profiling can walk a fine line at times. At times they are almost identical, but when criminal profiling you will stay out of trouble.

our discussion, the individuals response, tell the bad and good of individuals response, list reference thanks

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