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nvestigating Computer Crimes


it is hard to imagine a world before computers…how about a world before social media?  UGH  We love it and hate it all at the same time.   We have seen an uptick in suicides related to cyber bullying as it is so easily done on the social networks like Facebook, as you mentioned.  Cyber harassment has grown and has become a major problem in our society leading to an increased number of suicides especially among our teens. Most States now have Cyber harassment laws in place and only eleven of our fifty states have not adopted some sort of Cyber harassment laws. With social media becoming mainstream the potential to be impacted by cyber harassment grows each day. Posting harassing images, participating in inappropriate “trolling”, contributing to hate sites, unwanted posting of another’s personal information (addresses, phone numbers, or explicative photos), impersonating someone else, and making threatening or degrading statements may all be considered harassment. Some cases are glaring and some are not making this crime difficult to prosecute in some cases there are no clear cut cases.  Thank you for letting me vent about this type  of crime.    

Investigators having to investigate these types of cases are often faced with layers of hidden information and false identities…making it tough ! Just need to respond, list references thanks

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