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Professional Development

W rite a response to the following prompt:

Explain why it is said that police leadership is now confronting a “crisis stage.” Describe what may be done in the form of professional development to address this problem.
The crisis stage in law enforcement refers to the changes that have been encountered regarding the need for training and development.  Never before in law enforcement has the need for technology been so great.  The next generation needs to be trained to replace those for whom technology and training was not always available.  In order for a department to keep up with the changes to society, law enforcement, the world of technology, and the style of learning, a long term plan must be instituted that ensures these needs are met.  A chief of police needs to train their replacement and so on down the line.  It is important that the “big picture” is seen by all of those coming into the leadership role (Gaines, Glensor, & Peak, 2010).

A new leader must understand their role within the department.  The leader must understand where the department intends to be in the future as well as having some concept on the steps needing to taken to get there.  The new leader must understand the liability issues, they must be able to train toward the goals of the department as well as being able to lead other officers toward that goal (Gaines, Glensor, & Peak, 2010). 

The crisis stage in law enforcement requires that every chief or administrator use strategic planning to develop new leaders, able to assume the role of leadership when they leave.  When strategic planning is used to have a vision for the future and requirements needed to achieve these goals, the chief can then implement training and mentoring that develops the subordinates into the future of the department.  This is referred to as a legacy (Gaines, Glensor, & Peak, 2010).


Gaines, L. K., Glensor, R. W., & Peak, K. J. (2010). Police Supervision and Management: In an Era of Community Policing. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education, Inc.

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