Writing comments about my friend’s essay, writing homework help

Hi , how are you doing

I need someone to write comments about my friend’s essay

The comment will be about

If he does the following condition that will be alright , and say he has a goo intro but in Academic way . If he has unclear thesis , you will write an advice for him about the thesis , intro con , etc ? Have gotten the idea ?

The conditions are ,

1- Is he has an intro ?

2- Body

3- conclusion

4-vivid detail



7-climx or conflict



10- Transition words

11- Smooth

12- Is it MLA format

Pleas I have only 3 hours to submit , so I will let this assignment for 1 hour

Finally, it is comments to improve his writing if he mess something, but if he does it very well , you have to write he has MLA format very well etc and I will attache the essay

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