Write a Nutrition Article

  • you will select & write an approximately 500 word narrative (article) from one of the following nutrition topics:
  • Omega-3 fats & Brain Health
  • Vitamin D, Adolescence & Bone Health
  • New Trends in the Obesity Epidemic
  • Farm to Table and Disease Prevention
  • Real Strategies for Eating Healthy on a College Campus
  • Bbeneficial or fraudulent nutritional claims as it relates to either: a) weight loss, b) vitamin, or c) mineral usage, or d) dietary supplements
  • Or any topic you like
  • Article will be referenced throughout paper (2-4 refs).
  • Will use SMOG (Simple Measure of Gobbledygook) Readability Scale to determine readability to the public. The material should be at the 6th to 8th grade readability. An example of a website for SMOG is:
  • http://www.readabilityformulas.com/free-readabilit…

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