Write a fiction essay, writing homework help

Select one of the stories to  write an essay ,The essay must be NO FEWER than 750 words.   You should not have more than 20% from outside sources (in this case the textbook). That is no more than 150 words. NO outside sources other than the textbooks should be used (no internet!).

Essay guidelines

• The essay should be no fewer than 750 words.

• The essay should include direct quotes and in-text citations from the text.

• The essay should NOT include information from any outside sources other than your textbook. You should include both inner citations and a works cited page from the information in the textbook in MLA format.

• Students should make sure that they answer the entire question and support their answers.

“A Good Man is Hard to Find”

nReview the steps outlined on pages 223-224 or 200-202 for writing about theme to help develop a strong thesis sentence about this story’s theme. Then develop your argument into an essay, supporting your argument with evidence from the text, including quotations from the story.  the book named BACKPACK LITERATURE

“The Gift of the Magi”

nWrite an essay analyzing the irony in this story. Discuss the various types of irony used, providing examples from the story. Explain how the author used irony to develop the story and entertain the reader. Also, discuss how the author used irony to help the reader better see the theme or main idea of the story.


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