Write a client recommendation letter, assignment help

Write a client recommendation letter (2-3)pages. It is important that you format the document as an actual letter and follow the rubric posted in the announcements. The client is trusting you to explain the law and give good advice.

The letter should have the following;

  1. Introduction: This is just a few sentences at the beginning letting the client know why you are writing to them.
  2. Brief Summary: This is a brief summary of the facts. Although the client may already know the facts it is good to send a reminder about what happened, as well as any additional information you may have found out in an investigation. If the client already knows the facts, a good way to start the sections is with the phrase, “As you may recall….”
  3. Critical Analysis: Notice how I have included the law, applied it to the facts and gave little recommendations about how things might go for the client. You don’t need to include every little bit of the facts or analysis of a case, like we would typically put in a case brief or office memo. However, we need to tell enough to the client about why it is relevant. Look at how I discussed the statutes and the case on point in this section. We still will use in-text Bluebook format, not footnotes. By including citations in the client letter, you are giving your recommendations authority and respect.
  4. Recommendation Section: This is the most important part of the letter. You need to give a solid recommendation to the client. Do you recommend pursuing a course of legal action, conducting more research, interviewing people, that the client settle, etc.? Tell the client what you think they should do or what you would like authorization to do.

I will attach the sample letter and the rubric once i select a tutor.

so in the attached is the question supposed to be answered. I have made all the necessary markings in the docx that will guide you through the writing.I believe it will be easy for you as i trust you are not one of those cheap, unreliable tutors. All the best and yeah take your time i add you an hour okay, please?? Thankyou.

n addition dont forget its a law question where you as the author write to a client as per assingment 5 given in the docx. So your legal terms and wordings.Use imaginary titles for the client title details.Make it sweet and A level.

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