Write 2-3 paragraphs to explain how you helped this student, what steps you took, and justify your choices.

The assignment for this final week is a scenario.

This student is struggling with his or her paper. Help is needed on finding an appropriate topic, resources, and APA formatting. Your task is to evaluate the student’s progress and offer suggestions where you see fit. Use any and all your skills you have acquired in this course.

Can you help the student refine the topic, find 5 scholarly resources, correctly cite and reference those sources, and formulate a better problem statement?

Write 2-3 paragraphs to explain how you helped this student, what steps you took, and justify your choices.

The Problem with School Lunch

Topic: School lunches. I think the price of school lunch is too high and that’s why students are overweight.

The resources for this assignment are located in the Books and Resources for this Week.

Problem Statement:

Have you seen the size of today’s students? The health of our nation is at risk due to everyone’s increasing waist size. I propose that the reason students are gaining weight at an alarming rate is directly connected to the price of school lunch. Parents of students can’t afford school lunches, so students are forced to bring change for the vending machines found in most school cafeterias. Have you seen the junk in those machines? Soda is really bad for you. According to Wikipedia, it is one of the worst things you can put in your body. If schools provided more affordable lunches for students, students would buy them and get thin. The price of lunch is key to getting students healthy. Maybe if they put diet soda in the machines that would help too. Students are so fat they don’t fit in the desks. Schools are having to buy bigger furniture which costs money too. I bet Taco Bell could make lunches cheaper and students could eat that. Taste is important and if the lunch doesn’t taste good, no one would eat it. You can buy stuff there for like $1. Everyone could eat for $5 a week. Then students could be thin and do better in school.

Length: 3-5 pages

References: You will need to include the five references you selected to help the student.

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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