Write 10 pages thesis on the topic the modern civil process

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic the modern civil process. A may only evict Mr. B by virtue of a court order.4 In order to satisfy the statutory requirement for evicting a tenant subject to assured tenancy, the landlord must prove that there are grounds for possession and they will typically include nuisance or arrears of rent.5 An assured tenancy arises when the tenant occupies a dwelling as his or her only residence.6 This is the primary criteria and it becomes virtually irrelevant whether or not the landlord also shares some part of the dwelling provided the tenant occupies the dwelling as his only residence and pays a fair rent.

Mr. B has been living with Mr. A as a tenant for four years on a monthly rent of 400 pounds. As a result, he has established a monthly tenancy with no fixed term and with the notice by Mr. A can invoke his statutory assured tenancy right. Unless Mr. A can substantiate reasonable grounds for requiring vacant possession, he will not be able to obtain an eviction order from the courts. In the meantime, as a tenant entitled to an assured tenancy under the Housing Act 1988, Mr. B may remain in occupancy until such time as an order for eviction is made.

The property investor’s plans to purchase a four-story property with 6 bedrooms, one bath, and one kitchen as well as three WC facilities for the purpose of operating a shorthold tenancy bedsit, is governed by the Housing Act 2004. By virtue of Section 254 of the Housing Act 2004, the property is a house in multiple occupancies (HMO) because it is a house which will be let to at least three tenants who will share a kitchen and a bathroom.8 As a result certain health and safety concerns necessarily arise and require strict compliance and monitoring.

The Act creates a new Housing Health and Safety Rating System and the 2004 Act identifies at least 30 health hazards applicable to what may be deemed “poor housing conditions” by the local authorities. The list of health hazards that can qualify as poor housing conditions range from excessively cold dwellings to weak structures.

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