Write 10 pages thesis on the topic designing an interview schedule and evaluate it.

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic designing an interview schedule and evaluate it. The interview questionnaire(Mays, 2007) above is very important because the data that will be gathered from the above questions will be used for generating the data needed for computation and interpretation of the data. Then, the findings will then be the product of the interpreted data. Lastly, the conclusion will be drawn up. The data gathered from the questionnaire above will generate a piece of very realistic or even accurate information. A wrong information base will often result in a wrong conclusion.

Furthermore, there are many advantages of using interview questionnaires(Pope, 2007). The interview questions are not very costly. Also, the interview questions are very effective because they specify in advance the necessary questions that will be used in the face-to-face interviews. In fact, this is very true for studies that will use huge sample sizes and cover respondents from a wider land area. Clearly, written interview questionnaires increase the lowering of cost as the number of research questions increases.

Also, questionnaires are definitely very important as the basis for the interpretation, conclusion and recommendation processes(Meyer, 2000). For, the encoding of data and computation for nearly all surveys can be easily done with the advent of computer software like SPSS and others.

&nbsp.&nbsp. Furthermore, pre-typed interview questionnaires decrease bias. For, there is a uniform question presentation that does not threaten the respondents. &nbsp.Also, the researcher’s own opinions will not influence the respondent to answer questions in a certain manner.&nbsp.Clearly the pre-done questions do not give verbal or visual clues to influence the respondent as compared to impromptu oral questions given(Savage,2000). Further, the questionnaires are less invasive to the right of privacy of the respondents as compared to the telephone or face-to-face surveys.

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