Why is it that statistically, there are more male criminals than female criminals? Explain in your own words.

Overview of why women in CJS part 2


For the questions below, you are refer to both the lectures and articles attached in the current modules. As with all assignments, you are to complete using Times New Roman, size 12pt font. While each response should be numbered (e.g 1, 2, etc.), all responses should be in essay format (full sentences), meaning that you should never have a simple yes or no response. 


1. Why is it that statistically, there are more male criminals than female criminals? Explain in  your own words.

2. Does the criminal justice system treat women unfairly? By this I mean, according to the lectures and readings thus far, is there any evidence that women are treated the same as men within the criminal justice system? Explain in detail why or why not, making certain to cite relevant research.

3. In the paper by Walklate (2016), what is the significance of “psychiatric victimology” and what role does it play in explaining crimes against women?

4. More specifically, what other term/concept is crucial to the understanding of psychiatric victimology and victimology as a whole?

5. In order to fully understand the “narrative” of the victim, especially since collection of victimization data continues to become more sophisticated, there are three terms that are essential to one’s analysis of the victim narrative. List and briefly describe these three (3) terms.

6. How and where do these victim narratives fit into the theoretical discussion presented in the lectures? More specifically, what would Smart say about these terms in reference to female punishment? What about some of the major theorists from the “sex role” side of the argument? Discuss. 

7. Lastly, whose side would Adler (see Adler reading) be on in the discussion of women as victims or criminals. Discuss.

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