Who is a Victim?

Who is a Victim?

In the paper by Walklate (2016), she mentions the story and picture of a three‐year‐old boy, Aylan Kurdi, who was found drowned on a Turkish beach, having been washed overboard from the boat on which he and his Syrian family were endeavoring to escape from Syria to Europe.

Walklate focuses on this picture to point to the use of this image as a depiction of victimhood and the effects that it had on informing cultural, political, and  political responses to a wide range of social problems. 

For this discussion post, I want you to do something fairly simply. That is:

1. Search the internet for news blogs/stories or social media presentations that went viral involving women who are/were involved in either rape/sexual assault/, domestic violence, or another traumatic incident for which they are considered the victim.

2. I want you to COPY the picture of that woman as shown for that story and then PASTE it into your discussion post. You can do this by inserting/embedding the picture in your post using the little picture button/attachment on page.

3. After pasting the picture, discuss with the class, briefly, the facts surrounding the case of the woman presented.

4. There are always statistics given in stories like these. What are some of the statistics presented in this story and where did they originate (e.g. UCR, victimization survey, etc.)?

5. Lastly, briefly discuss your feelings regarding the picture used for this story. More specifically, do you think it actually depicts the woman as a victim? If not, explain why not.

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