What should be included in disaster planning for a large employer in Annapolis, Maryland, that is concerned about natural disasters such as floods and snowstorms that might shut down the company and parts of the city?

What should be included in disaster planning for a large employer in Annapolis, Maryland, that is concerned about natural disasters such as floods and snowstorms that might shut down the company and parts of the city?

Your discussion is to be submitted in 12-point Times New Roman font using APA format with a minimum of two sources.

Students are required to post their primary response (200 word minimum) by Thursday midnight. Students will respond to at least 2 other postings (150 words minimum each)

1st student response :(srikanth reddy kasireddy)


Disaster Planning

Disaster planning should have a strategy. One of the most widely used strategy is to have the business processes defined into three distinct tiers. The first tier is of critical business processes. For example, in an electric utility company this tier will include business processes that keeps the lights of the city on. If these business processes are shut down because of floods, earthquake, storms or other natural or man- made disasters, not only the business but the entire city will suffer (Miles, 2018). It will affect all crucial activities like hospitals, police stations, people may be left without heating in winter and other issues may arise. Hence, these business processes should never stop. The second tier includes important business processes that support the core business processes. For example, network integrity and network security. Other important processes like user authentication fall under second tier. The third tier is made up of peripheral business processes, like, opening payment gateway, or customer service, or grievance gateways.

Stakeholder planning is also very crucial for disaster planning. There should be a strategy for who needs to be identified for disaster recovery and who needs to be engaged in business continuity. Next, there should be a business domain wise plan and there should be an enterprise plan. Each business domain disaster recovery plan should role up to the enterprise disaster recovery plan. Finally, the company should engage in regular drills so that the disaster recovery team is always in the mindset of preparedness and have less trouble when the calamity hits (He, Xie, Peng, Song & Dai, 2019).


He, L., Xie, Z., Peng, Y., Song, Y., & Dai, S. (2019). How Can Post-Disaster Recovery Plans Be Improved Based on Historical Learning? A Comparison of Wenchuan Earthquake and Lushan Earthquake Recovery Plans. Sustainability, (17), 4811.

Miles, S. B. (2018). Participatory Disaster Recovery Simulation Modeling for Community Resilience Planning. International Journal of Disaster Risk Science, (4), 519.

2nd student response :(Mohan saddla)


Organizational assessment includes establishing a disaster planning team composed of representatives From HR, security, It, operations and other areas. the purpose of this team is to conduct an organizational assessment of how various disasters might a²ect the organization as well as employees. then a disaster recovery plan is developed to identify how the organization will respond to various situations. the impact of events on people should be assessed and contingency plans put in place. Issues such as having backup databases along with employee contact information. Finding who will be responsible For various duties and how e²orts will be coordinated. All planning efforts may be wasted if managers and employees aren’t trained on what to do when a disaster occurs. training should take place regularly and reflect actual workplace conditions to simulate a real emergency (Khan AS, Lurie N (2014)).

There should be a strategic analysis on the disaster planning policy paper which shows various categories of natural disasters in those areas. The natural disasters should be having a mechanism of how to control them so that they don’t cause much distraction which might cause the business to shut down. The disaster planning should show on how the experts will try to combat floods, through implementation on how to ensure there is good drainage and building of more dykes in the flooding rivers, there should be a way of reducing the snowstorms through building of some erectors that combat and contain the snowstorms and other destructive storms. In short, the city management should have a strategic plan on the disaster planning structure which should be long term. And the businesses should ensure there is much protection by ensuring much is done in their business environment (Khan AS, Lurie N (2014)).


Khan AS, Lurie N (2014). Health security in 2014: building on preparedness knowledge for emerging health threats. The Lancet 384 (9937): 93-97.

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