What role does an advocate play in the foster care system?, assignment help

The foster care and adoption systems are very complex. Advocates play an integral role in the programs from the initiation of services including post-placement or adoption. Address the following in your discussion for this unit:

  1. What role does an advocate play in the foster care system?
  2. What types of community services should be available for advocates to help the new adoptive and foster parents cope with the unique demands of being a parent?
  3. What types of support groups might be helpful for new adoptive and/or foster care parents? Find at least one support group (in your community or a national group) that might be helpful for new adoptive/foster parents and explain how this organization would be helpful.
  4. The foster care system provides training to prospective foster parents. What types of screenings and training should child welfare advocates require parents to undergo prior to a child being placed with them? Explain why you chose these types of screenings and training.

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