What is your tentative diagnosis?

Medical Veterinary section.

Question #1. Diagnosis needed (for up to 3 final points).

Patient Number # 27008-0016

Clinic Location –

Date- today

My name is Paula Busse. I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Ruhingeri, Rwanda near the Parc de Volcanes where Dian Fossey had her mountain gorilla study area. I arrived in Rwanda about 6 weeks ago. Now I am having really painful knees and shoulders. I think it is because of the stones I am helping the villagers move. Sometimes I have a low fever, but I know it is not malaria because in the Peace Corps they train us well to recognize those signs.

Oh yes, I live in a small town outside La Crosse, Wisconsin and graduated from University of Wisconsin in Madison. On Wisconsin! Go Badgers!

Yes, I like to hike and have a golden retriever that comes with me on hikes. I miss her now. It is May now and just a beautiful time there along the Mississippi River.

It was so hectic in early April saying good bye to everyone, I only had time to take one hike in my favorite woods. I saw a lot of white-tailed deer though. It was just lovely.

I am calling in from Kigali, Rwanda to Bozeman because I have been talking with my boyfriend who is on the ski team there and is graduating this week. He said my symptoms sounded very serious and did not want me just to be seen by the medical team in this little country in Africa.

I know you folks are very busy with all the people there for graduation, but could you help me figure out if I should just jump on the next flight out of Kigali (there is only one per day) and fly to Bozeman (which will take 48 hours).

Thank you,


What is your tentative diagnosis?


How would you answer Paula Busse’s question?

Question #2. Create a patient for the 5 clinic locations of BIOO 162 CS (for up to 5 final points)

Use the model from the Paula Busse scenario above. This time use a dog that contracts Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in the hotspot around Roanoke, VA. (my daughter, Dr. Anne-Marie Pfaff is a veterinarian running a clinic for small animals in Madison VA, also in the area near the Appalachian Mts.)

The clinics are located in:

Kigali, Rwanda

New York City, New York

Bogota, Columbia

Crow Agency, Montana

Guangzhou, China

Remember you will need to develop a storyline that brings the owner of the dog with the dog to these 5 locations after the initial exposure in the Appalachian Mountains near Roanoke, Virginia. Enjoy!

Community Engagement Section

Question #3. Write a letter to next year’s students. (for up to 3 final points)

Write a letter that Cam and I can share with the next year’s students in BIOO 162CS that will be helpful in their success in our course and their enjoyment of this course on the Issues of Insects and Human Societies.

Question #4. Write an action plan for engaging with your home community based on your knowledge from this course (including Lauren Seuell’s presentation in class if you had a chance to hear it) (for up to 4 final points).

Develop an action plan, that is, what you will do or can do when and where and with whom in your own local community to reduce or eliminate the use of insecticides (particularly imidacloprid and other neurotoxins).

Thank you Lauren for inspiring me to write this Portfolio question!

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