What does it really mean to multi-task? Journal 1, writing, assignment help

There are numerous kinds of writing that reports information – newspapers, textbooks, magazines, internet, and the list goes on. It is almost impossible to read anything that does not have some sort of reporting going on. When a writer reports information, readers take something key for granted: the writer knows her subject! This kind of writing normally calls for research to demonstrate knowledge and intimacy about the subject. When you report information, you are the expert! This is a key area where the big 6 will play a vital role – be sure to review ‘Helpful Links’. Have you considered the who, what ,why, where, when, and how regarding the subject at hand?

Journals will be a much fuller exploration of the ideas you were discussing on the discussion board. Answer each of the following questions in a one page typed journal entry. That means one page for each question! You must type in 12pt. Times New Roman Font. Please use 1.5 spacing. Points will be given for journals based on the following scale:

1.What does it really mean to multi-task? Is it a good practice? What are its benefits/non-benefits? How much of a factor and influence is technology with this subject? 

Remember, everything you write is your opinion. Be sure to use 3rd person!

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