What did they believe about human nature and the counseling process?


COUC 510

Counseling Project: Conceptualization and Treatment Plan 1 Instructions

Below is the format you are to use for the Conceptualization and Treatment Plan 1paper. The paper is about 8 pages, notcounting title page, abstract, and references page. Current APA format is required. The entire paper should be written in 3rd person.

Title Page

Refer to your current APA manual for directions on formatting a title page. Be sure you include a running head, page number, paper title (Case Conceptualization Using <place the name of your chosen theory here>), your name, and the institution name (Liberty University).


Your abstract must give the reader a short overview (150–250 words) of your paper. Be sure your abstract summarizes the main ideas in your paper and what conclusions you came to. Use your current APA manual to be sure you write an effective abstract. Note that the abstract is not an introduction to the paper.

Case Conceptualization Using (place the name of your Chosen Theory here)

Below you will find the topics and structure you are required to include in your paper. For this first CTP paper, you are to choose 1 of these 4:

  • Object Relations Therapy
  • Individual Psychology Therapy
  • Person-Centered Therapy
  • Existential Therapy

Spend at least 2 pages explaining the theory you have chosen and answering these questions. Separate each question into its own paragraph, and use sub-headings:

  • Who is/are the developer(s) of the theory?
  • What did they believe about human nature and the counseling process?
  • Explain any research that has been done showing the efficacy of this theory.
  • What diagnoses has this theory been shown to be effective with (depression, anxiety, etc.)?
  • What makes this theory appropriate for your client and their presenting problems you noted in the first paper?
  • What are any potential ethical issues that may arise using this theory with your client?
  • What are any potential multicultural issues that may arise using this theory with your client?
  • Can this theory be used in crisis situations? Why or why not?


First, write a short paragraph giving a synopsis about the presenting problems you wrote about in the Case Summaryand Presenting Problemspaper. Detail is not needed, just a quick summary to remind the reader of these problems.

Second, based on the theory you chose above, you are to have a minimum of 3 different interventions/techniques pursuant to that theory. (NOTE: while Person-Centered Therapy does not have specific techniques, it does have 3 core conditions that are to use instead.) You must also clearly define each intervention from the other (i.e., write in 3 separate paragraphs with the name of the technique/intervention clearly shown in a level 2 heading [flush left and bold] in each paragraph, not just one long paragraph).

As you write about each intervention/technique, discuss how it helps to address the identified problems. You need to then give at least 1 example of how you would use that technique with your client.

Use the current APA manual for the proper headings format (Hint: see how the headings in bold have been used in the Sample Case Presentation.).

Spiritual Application

NOTE: You are to do this section regardless of whether or not your client wants to receive Christian counseling at this time.

The spiritual application will be broken into 2 parts:

1. What spiritual challenges can you see in this case? How would you seek to handle this person’s case if they were interested in having Christian Counseling be a part of the treatment plan?

2. Finally, in what ways is this theory compatible (minimum of 3) with Christian beliefs? In what ways is it not compatible (minimum of 3) with Christian beliefs? You must make extensive use of the Jones & Butman text and/or peer reviewed journal articles. You MUST clearly delineate each compatibility/incompatibility for the reader, for example: “The first compatibility with Christianity is . . .; The final incompatibility is . . .,” etc.


What you would expect the outcomes of using this therapy would be, and what will some of the most challenging aspects of the treatment be? Again use outside sources to support your conclusions.


One of your book sources must be the Jones & Butman text, and you must have a minimum of 5 additional professional references for your paper (minimum total of 6). Websites are not allowed, and neither are dictionaries, encyclopedias, or mass-marketed popular psychology texts. Edited books and journal articles are always your best sources.

Be sure you format your references in current APA format and pay close attention to capitalization and italics. It is your responsibility to have this manual and use it. Using a website about APA is not the same as having the manual.

The Conceptualization and Treatment Plan 1 is due via Blackboard and Tevera by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.

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This textbook must be used for this assignment Jones, S. L., & Butman, R. E. (2011). Modern psychotherapies: A comprehensive Christian appraisal (2nd ed.). Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press. ISBN: 9780830828524.

Jones & Butman: Ch. 7, pp. 293–299

Murdock, N. L. (2017). Theories of counseling and psychotherapy: A case approach (custom package) (4th ed.). Upper Saddle Creek, NJ: Pearson. 

The followings links may help with the assignments.


Please see attachment for assignment instructions. Assignment is due September 14, 2019 by midnight eastern standard time 

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