What CBT techniques might you apply to yourself? Why?

applying cognitive-behavioral techniques to your personal cognitive experiences. Students should be able to gain an understanding of how their cognitive awareness can influence outcomes in life now and post-course. (Human Dimension & Application).

Complete a one (1) page paper providing an example from your own life experience that illustrates  the use of cognitive-behavioral techniques. Provide a description of an irrational thought that you experience which leads to negative feelings such as anxiety or sadness. What CBT techniques might you apply to yourself? Why? How would those help reduce irrational thinking. 

Your paper must include reflection and application of the course material If references are used, citations should be written in APA format.

  • Margins – 1 Inch
  • Font – Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri (12pt)
  • Spacing – Double
  • The essay must be 1 full page in length. It will not be considered a full page if you add extra spaces or can include another sentence at the end

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