What can this state do to improve its response to human trafficking?

der to assess the effectiveness of the laws.
Make-ups for discussions must be in short essay format.  That enables me to score the submission without penalizing for interaction or timeliness.
Here is the late work policy from your syllabus:
Late/Make-Up Work
Discussions and exams cannot be submitted late.  If you experience a true documented medical emergency that coincides with the time frame for a discussion or an exam, you may submit a short essay in lieu of a discussion with the instructor’s permission,  and may take one exam late, also with the instructor’s permission.  Be sure to email your instructor within 24 hours of said emergency and provide the documentation.
The film analysis and the fact sheet can be submitted up to 24 hours past the deadline with a 10% deduction.  If you anticipate being late with a project, please email me in advance of the deadline for the assignment.
Be sure that you upload the correct file.  If you upload files from other classes, then your assignment will be considered late unless you correct the error before the due date.

Your last name begins with an M.  This means you need to locate a state with an A or B grade.  Your essay must address questions 1-4 below.   Many states have task force committees that report on the number of trafficking cases by year in the state. I know  that this is true for Florida.  When you find data on the number of reported cases, you can assess whether the laws are truly effective.  The essay should be around 650-750 words (this is the equivalent to the word count for meets expectations or above in  the discussion.

  1. The report cards score each state’s efforts on the criminalization of domestic minor sex trafficking, criminal provisions for demand, traffickers, and facilitators; protective provisions for children and criminal justice tools. Describe the scores the selected  state achieved on these dimensions and briefly explain their meaning.
  2. What can this state do to improve its response to human trafficking?
  3. How would this change impact social services for victims of human trafficking? Consider health care, housing, behavioral health care, and personal safety.
  4. Be sure to consider whether a good grade necessarily means that any state does NOT have a problem  with human trafficking (you can do a Google search for statistics by state).

Be sure to use APA style citations and references for your essay.  This means you need to cite Shared Hope and whatever state government resource you use  for the statistics.

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