What business(es) is sponsoring the event? What is the purpose of the event?

Community relations are a large part of business outreach and growing a brand. If you’ve been to a community event such as a neighborhood festival, charity event, or 5K race, you’ve seen sponsorship banners and ads. Likewise, you might have seen ads from local businesses in the program at a school concert or other children’s event.

Find a business outreach event in Charlotte, NC community. What business(es) is sponsoring the event? What is the purpose of the event? How do you think this event brings your community together?

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Part 2 (TWO):

Respond to a classmates discussion post below:

“The business outreach events I wanted to speak about in my local area are the many that are backed by The United Service Organization (USO) Delaware Community Center. From 5K walks, to events concerning emotional wellness, food drives, holiday celebrations, information services, and transitional programs for family this organization offer plenty of events for Delaware residents to support. Dover, Delaware is home to Dover Air Force Base and with it homes a lot of military airmen and families. Businesses like the credit union I work for, banks, grocery stores, individual volunteers, and so many more sponcer these events. The main purpose for USO events is to provide airmen with family, support, and knowledge that will make their time in the military easier. This is even spread to their families that also have to adjust. The current event that is taking place is the KCAR 5K that’s taking place at our local Buffalo Wild Wings. Being that the Dover, Delaware area is a huge military base I believe this brings the military community as well as the civilians together. Almost like a big welcoming party for those who are now far away from home.”

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