what are the risks of chickenpox, writing homework help

I will provide two documents about the chickenpox. Sorry for the inconvenience but I scanned the odd numbered pages separately than the even numbered so you will need to go back and forth between documents. Most all of the information is contained in what I am providing. Please do not include case stories or patient/parent report in the summary. And also provide footnotes to the citations you decide to use. You may return the project in a word doc.

Question #1: What are the risks of chickenpox? (what is the disease, what are the symptoms, are there treatment options available, what is the risk of serious complications, and the risk of death, etc…) Are there benefits of acquiring the disease?

Question #2: What is the prevalence of chickenpox or the likelihood of getting infection for children in the US?

Question #3: What are the risks of the chickenpox vaccine?

Question #4: How effective is the chickenpox vaccine proven to be? What is the rate of vaccine failure? (issues pertaining to other infections acquired after vaccination should be listed in the risk summary above)

Please let me know if you have any questions. I believe all of the information I need is provided in the documents, aside from possibly the current prevalence of infection for children in the US.

I am predicting that to answer each question as thoroughly as possible, it will take a few sentences per question. So that would be 1-2 paragraphs per question.

I need A++ work. No grammer misktakes 

I will just need a summary back, of course with no plagiarism, and using the most important information

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