What are the important implications that international trade theory holds for your business and product?

Project:   Activity- Research Country- Company-Product- Trade-  

Research Project Part D – 50 points (1900- 2200 words)

ONLY WORD DOCUMENTS are accepted for this project as TURNITIN cannot evaluate other file formats. (Your score cannot exceed 23% on the originality check, if it does, it will not be graded)

MLA Essay format, include all bibliography and references. Include this sheet as cover sheet. Use Calibri Font 11. http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ (Links to an external site.)

Grammar and spelling are part of the grade. Please, use the Writing Center if needed.

Title: Please, include the name of your country, name of the company and the product you have selected as the title

Data Resources: Use only resources that have been validated either by the government, a legitimate industry journal, erudite author, or an educational institution. See Legitimate Resources Guidelines.     DO NOT USE THETEXTBOOK as a reference for this assignment.

International Trade Theory:

Please use these questions to guide the flow of your essay.  The content of your narrative must be substantive:

  • What are the important implications that international trade theory holds for your business and product? Review the different trade theories studied
  • Based on Michael Porter’s National Competitive Advantage theory, explain the elements of the Diamond Model and how it pertains to your company, the country selected, and the distribution of your selected product.
    1. Factors Conditions
    2. Demand Conditions
    3. Related and Supporting Industries
    4. Firm Strategy, Structure and Rivalry
    5. Government and Regulations – external environment
  • What advantages are present in production of the product selected? Explain, and develop a list and short report on the top countries producing the product you selected from the most recent data. (Use Globaledge http://www.globaledge.msu.edu (Links to an external site.))

Grading Criteria – Research Paper

Introduction – You have clearly developed an effective introduction to your research paper.  The background is set and the thesis statement is clearly defined.

Organization of Ideas – Your ideas are clearly expressed and articulated.  Transitions between paragraphs move the reader easily from one idea to the next. You have accurately analyzed the relationship between the resources,  your ideas  and the topic selected

Synthesis of Ideas  –  International Trade Theory – You have clearly  reviewed the different international trade theories and the implications they hold for your business and selected country

Synthesis of Ideas  –  International Trade Theory  2 – You have clearly identified and analyzed the application of Porter’s Diamond Model as it pertains to your product

Mechanics 1 –  Your paper is free of grammatical and spelling errors

Mechanics 2 – You have effectively used MLA format and legitimate sources of information. Bibliography and Assignment page are included.

Font is Calibri 11 and you have met the minimum number of words required **

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