week 2 discussion Questions

Discussion 1

The majority of nonprofits are classified as 501 (c)(3) organizations.  There are rules and regulations governing these organizations.  There is a short article from the IRS providing these rules and regulations in the Readings.  One of the biggest benefits of being classified as a 501 (c)(3) organization is the ability to receive tax-deductible contributions.  Think about an organization where you work or with which you have contact.  Review their website and see if you can tell whether or not they accept donations.  If you can’t tell, check Guidestar and see if they are listed.  Include the website in your post.  Post information to the Discussion Board. 

Discussion 2

Read the article by Raffa about advocacy and lobbying bellow.  Think about nonprofits in your community, and consider examples of lobbying and advocacy.  Some parts of Advocacy are often considered education.  Education is especially important in generating interest in a cause, and generating sustainable funding.  Post your examples to the Discussion Board.  

Link to article:


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