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When nurses work together, patient care and the workplace atmosphere improves. Yet, so often nurses become too busy to effectively collaborate with one another, which can increase stress levels among the nursing team. Creating a workplace that values teamwork can not only improve existing staff relationships, but it can help temporary nurses feel welcomed if the hospital needs to employ a nurse staffing agency. Three strategies to boost nurse teamwork:1. foster a culture of respect,2. start huddles,3. have nurse mangers involved (Pasqual, 2016).I will encourage open communication, and having each staff member opinion’s on any new implementation that will benefit our staff and our patients.

The leadership potential of stewardship in nursing requires new models of delivery of care, and we need to address the ever-changing nature of the work of a nurse (Fouche, 2011). Servant leadership as a leadership philosophy was first defined by Robert K. Greenleaf. He described servant leaders as those who achieve results for their organizations by attending to the needs of those they serve.Greenleaf proposed that leadership was about serving others including employees, other stakeholders, and society.

Developing nursing stewardship skills is being a truly advocate and feel the passion for what you and the ones you care for.For that I will look to the needs of the staff and continually asks how they can help them solve problems and promote their personal development. I would encourage open communication, daily unit huddles, coaching employees, clear direction, respectful atmosphere, nonpunitive environment, and shared responsibility for team success.As a nurse steward is fundamental to focus in the needs of others without focusing on our own rewards. Steward leadership is caring leadership and helps to build trust because followers believe that their leader genuinely cares about their welfare.

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