Virtual Manipulative, discussion help

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I chose Pre-K-2 numbers and operations on the National Library of Virtual Manpulatives website.

The first Virtual Manipulative I chose was color patterns as one of the topics that interested me the most because I think it is important for students to be able to recognize similarities along with differences when it comes to math and learning in general. It is important for students to recognize patterns because they need to realize there is consistency and how that applies to math. Math is very constant and is a continuous learning block where everything builds upon itself. Color patterns can be used in the classroom by using color coding assignments that have to be put in order and anything that is consistent. Knowing patterns and being able to see them is a life skill. Its important to learn patterns because everything in life holds some kind of consistency. 

The other topic within the Pre-K-2 grade band under numbers and operations I chose was Fraction-naming. Fraction-naming is important for students to know and apply because fractions are always used and is continually carried on while learning math. Another reason it stood out to me is I think it also is important for students to learn because that is how we divide things in life. You have to be able to see a pie or a pizza and decipher the parts of it. If the pie has 10 slices and I eat 4 what is that fraction look like? And what is left over? This can be used in the classroom because students need to be able to see parts of a whole while looking at numbers and fractions. 

Technology plays a huge role in today’s mathematics classrooms because it is used much more frequently in society. Technology is in the center of attention in classrooms world wide because technology is starting to play a role in everything in our world. Anything we do now is likely influenced by technology in some way.

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