Video Journal 3 – Dan Pink “The Puzzle of Motivation”

Video Journal 3 – Dan Pink “The Puzzle of Motivation” 


Be sure to read chapter 3 in your textbook, and pay attention to the section on Job Design.

1. Use the link to Watch the video: “The Puzzle of Motivation” by Dan Pink

2. In a 2 page, double spaced paper, answer the following questions, using a Q&A format:

a. Dan Pink states in the video that there is a “mismatch between what science knows and what business does”. What does he mean by this in the video? Explain in detail.

b. Under what conditions do rewards work? Under what conditions don’t rewards work? 

c. Define “Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose” and explain their importance in job design.

d. What is the ROWE Model and is this something you think you would enjoy as an employee? Would you also like to use this as a manager of others?

e. Conduct some added research on your own and find a real company (you cannot pick GOOGLE or UBER!) that gives its employees flexibility with respect to how or when they work, or on what they work on. Be sure to provide the full and proper APA reference.

2. See the grading rubric and due date to help you maximize your grade on this assignment. Be sure to cite your book (Noe et al) and external resources.

Case #2: The Job Characteristics Model: Uber’s Flexible Jobs Drive Rapid Expansion

Instructions: Case #2–Uber’s Flexible Jobs Drive Rapid Expansion and the Job Characteristics Model

1. Read the case about Uber in the attached document file or on page 123 of your textbook (7th edition)

2. Watch the YouTube Video on the Job Characteristics Model: (3:06 min)

3. Answer the following questions in a Q & A format.

a. Apply all element of the Job Characteristics Model to the Uber Case. Specifically, describe the Uber Driver’s Job using all 5 aspects of the JCM. Now that you’ve applied the Job Characteristics Model to an Uber Driver, how motivating doyou think Uber’s jobs are for its drivers? Explain.

b. List and describe the competencies you think would be important for success as an Uber driver. 

c. Do you think there is anything more that Uber could do to motivate its drivers even more?

4. In this and other papers in my class: Incorporate additional research in your responses, demonstrating that you did some investigating that relates to the case. Use proper APA citations both INSIDE your paper as well as in a full reference citation at the END of your paper in a “Works Cited” section. Even though this is a short case assignment (about 2 pages) it should also include the use of additional research (outside your textbook)as well as personal reflection.

Specifically: Be sure to include in your paper 1) an APA citation/referenceto your textbook. I want to see you apply key words, definitions, principles from your book to these papers and 2) an additional APA citation/reference to an outside/additional resource (e.g. something outside your textbook).

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