Values of American Society, writing homework help

Write a four to five page paper in which you address the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of ethics? What are some of the shared values of American society?
  2. What is subjective relativism and what threats does it pose to American society?
  3. The Ethics in America series focused on the values of beneficence, justice and respect for persons. The panelists responded to dilemmas that arise when these values come into conflict with each other. Determining a priority for these values is a dilemma you will face as you are called upon to make difficult ethical choices in your life. Identify one of the three following visions of a moral life that you are most comfortable adopting as you attempt to prioritize these values: (1) a rational life of virtue (Greek tradition); (2) a life governed by moral law (Moral Law tradition); or (3) a life ruled by utility (Utilitarian tradition). Identify the major tenets of the tradition that you have chosen to adopt and identify its limitations. Explain why your chosen tradition appeals to you and why it will serve as a workable guide for you.

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