Using the concepts of algorithms, schema, and heuristics, describe how you would go about planning this vacation.

Part 1:

Assume for a moment that you are responsible for planning your family’s next summer vacation. Using the concepts of algorithmsschema, and heuristics, describe how you would go about planning this vacation. 

You only need to use one of the terms. Be sure that you explain what you mean to ensure that you are using that term correctly.

Think about how you decide on where to go, how you find your accommodations and/or travel arrangements, and what tools you decide to use to come to a decision.

*** family vacation will be “DISNEY WORLD” 

*** To receive full credit, remember also to write 2 posts in the discussion: one original and a response to another student. Your original should be at least 7 sentences and your reply should be 4 sentences.

Part 2 (Classmate’s discussion, please respond):

This week we are discussing the thinking process that we would take if we were to plan our next family vacation. In my family we discuss the cost first, we really have only been thinking about two different family vacations we would like to take one day. So I would start with heuristics, a simplified thinking strategy. Conduct searches for cheap vacation’s or certain places we really want to go to. My husband wants to take our youngest camping and to the beach one day. We’ve been looking into locations which offer both, we found cabins for rent near the beach. So we have been working towards saving money to take her on this vacation. In this process I have also included the use of algorithms, with my structuring on saving money and the steps we’ll need to take to make this possible. The process in which I can plan all the activities we can do while we’re there at the beach and along the route.    

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