University of Phoenix Language Components Paper

Directions: Please put your name on your paper. Please type your answers using MicrosoftWord and send your Word Document or HTML file as an attachment in Private e-mail to me on. Please do and turn in your own work.

I- True/False Statements (1 point each)

Directions: Please decide if the following statements are True or False by either circling or bolding and enlarging T or F.Each question is worth one point.

TF1) When doing an evaluation of a bilingual child you must first determine if they have language impairment

TF2) Mean length of Utterance is how long a child can hold the “C” note withperfect pitch.

TF3) Whenever possible the assessing a child’s in their home language is always the best method to gather important data.

TF4) The use of Criterion-referenced testing are excellent standardized testing tools.

II– Essay Questions ( 2points each question)


  • List and define the Five Main Components of Language
  • Explain the difference between formal and informal assessment of language impairments
  • Explain the major difference between Tourette Syndrome and Echolalia.
  • The Assessment of language can be performed in four purposes. List the 4 key elements and briefly define each one.
  • Define Mean Length of Utterance (MLU)
  • List and Define the Five Stages of Language Development
  • What is the difference between a language delay and a Language Disability 
  • Define the difference between a “Conductive hearing loss” and a “Sensorineural hearing loss

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