University of Ottawa SEC5 Does Peace Have a Change by John Horgan Essay

hello, you need to write an essay after you read the article i posted. The name of this article is “does peace have a chance”. Write an essay with thesis statement to show your idea and your point of view about this essay. Do you agree with the author or not. Or you can write agree for this point and disagree for the other point. You need some examples and facts to support your idea.

In academic essays, thesis statements

1. Are clearly stated in the introductory paragraph, using specific wording

2. Are focused on ONE main idea which will be broken down into subsections in the essay itself

3. Contain YOUR assertion / position / claim about an issue

4. Sometimes lay out the plan of development the essay will follow.

The essay is about 1500 words.

Please ask me if you have any question.

If you use quotation, please reference at the end.

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