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DNA damage cased by exogenous source like ultra violent UV radiation, toxi chemical and cellular processes like DNA replication and metabilism .howeover, Rad14 is a DNA damage recognition protein in yeast nucleotide excision repair (NER). The fuction of rad 14 presumasy precedes that at the rad1-rad10 endonuclease complex which furection in down-stream step incising DNA ‘5 to the site of DNA damage.

Moreover, Experiments were carried out usingSaccharomyces cerevisiaestrains in which the gene for Rad14 was fused to Cyan Fluorescent Protein (Rad14-CFP) and that of Rad10 was fused to Yellow Fluorescent Protein (Rad10-YFP). Rad14-CFP forms nuclear localized CFP fluorescent foci in response to UV-irradiation with the peak induction occurring 15 minutes post-irradiation. In contrast, Rad10-YFP foci form in response to UV with the peak induction occurring 2 hours post-irradiation. Recruitment of Rad14-CFP is not dependent on theRAD10 gene but Rad10-YFP is recruited to UV-induced YFP foci in aRAD14-dependent fashion. Time-lapse experiments indicate that Rad14-CFP foci are transient, typically persisting less than 6 minutes. Together these data support the model that yeast NER protein assembly is step-wise whereas Rad14 required to recruit Rad10 and Rad14 involvement is transient.

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