UCLA How Advertising Affects Children’s Food Choice

  • Title, reflecting the specific focus of your paper
  • A brief introductory statement explaining why you found this topic of personal or professional interest
  • Statement of Purpose: Briefly explain what questions you hope to answer, what controversy or issue you want to resolve, or what information you want to obtain about the topic.
  • Discussion of your research. This is the body of your paper. Use parenthetical numerical citations to refer to your alphabetized bibliography. Include not only scientific evidence you found in the literature that argues for one or the other side of the debate or issue, but also your critical thinking about the information you gather. (If referring to conclusions of specific research studies, be sure to include validation, such as number of subjects or evidence of freedom from demographic bias.)
  • Conclusions. In this section, you’ll state what you learned about the topic, the answers to the questions you posed, if any, and the implications of your findings for nutritional awareness. Include a brief review of the scientific literature that supports your conclusions. If there are future avenues of study that need to be done on this topic, identify them here.This is the most important part of your paper in the sense that it shows what you have taken away from this assignment – what gains you have made in terms of your own understanding of the issues you’ve studied. It should not be just a regurgitation of what we can all read in our text. Make it fresh, interesting, and meaningful. Make it useful for your classmates, too, with specific information that may help them, as well as you, adhere to a more healthful way of looking at and consuming food.
  • Bibliography. Include an alphabetical list of all sources used, giving a full citation that can be accessed if the reader wants to obtain more information about this topic. Include only scientific resources, not generic health-related websites. You do not need to include your text in the bibliography. However, if you quote or paraphrase information from your text, you should include a parenthetical citation in the body of your paper (e. g.: Pope, p. 364).

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