Troy University Master Radio Station Progress Strategy Ethics Project

Choose one situation for your group to address.

A radio station in a beach community is holding a big outdoor party for the 4th of July. You have a big, stuffy character costume, and you want someone wearing it all day. But the high for the day is expected to be over 90 degrees. The Promotions Director arranged for one person to wear the suit all day and when you arrive there is no place for the employee to cool off while out of the suit, no cold water or sports drinks. It’s not your responsibility, but you share employees across the departments, and you don’t want anyone to get sick or hurt. What do you do?

Imagine the suitation and write the esssay. It can be a speech!

Write the essay to talk about this. The essay must be at least 1500 words. About everyone can read the essay for about 5 minutes.

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