Topic: Total Knee Replacement – Standing Dependet Pivot Transfer

Requirements: Analysis is to include

1- Preparatory components to patient care activity (i.e, equipment, set-up as applicable, preparation of area, etc)

2- Procedures to activity

3- Clinical implications per your chosen patient population for the diagnosis

APA format

12 font Times New Roman

Double spaced

Pages numbered (in this case the page is going to start with number 2)

I need a separate reference page

First Source:

Early Rehabilitation After Total Knee … – Wiley Online Library

Second Source: Principles and Techniques of patient Care by Sheryl L. Faichild, Roberta Kuchler O’Shea, and Robin D. Wahington. Sixth Edition.

Important information for this kind of transfer page 184-187

Topic: Total Knee Replacement – Standing Dependet Pivot Transfer

Describe everything that is required during this kind of transfer, techniques, sensory motor, precautions, how does the precaution change the plan of care of the patient, exercises.


The population in the USA is becoming older thanks to the advances in the medical field. The quality and expectancy of life had increased. Therefore, this population now face a new challenge to improve and maintain a good health condition. Osteoarthritis is one of the pathologies with more incidence in this population. This progressive degeneration is a significant factor in the loss of functionality of the lower extremities. When it attacked the knee joint and induced advanced destruction of the bone and cartilage, the specialist decides to replace de damage part of the joint.

Total Knee Replacement or Total Knee Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure in which the bones that form the knee joint are resurfaced with metal (an alloy of cobalt-chromium and titanium) and (high-grade resistant) plastic to replace damaged zones. It is an invasive procedure, a major surgery. The rehabilitation services should address “pain, scar tissue, education, transfers, physical function, knee ROM, gait training, and safety.” ( Han A., Nairn L., 2015). The PTA is going to face a different challenge and goals; between them is the education of the patient and the safety of different transfers. The clinician will put special attention in the mental state of the patient and the physical ability.

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