Tips to Improve Essay Writing Skills for College Students

Essay assignments are one of the things that you cannot avoid in your college life. In any course, you will write hundreds of college essay assignments. As a result, you need to improve your essay writing skills.

Improving your essay writing skills has been listed as one of the ways to improve your grades as a college student. Besides, it is one of the best ways to build your writing skills that are useful even in your career life.  Here, we provide you with some of the best tips that you can utilize to sharpen your writing skills

·         Craft an outline

Before you sit down to write your essay, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to say. You can best do this by rafting an outline of your essay. The outline will provide a basic structure that will guide you through your essay.  Your outline should include such parts as

  1. The introduction which carries the background information and the thesis statement,
  2. The body, which should be written in separate uniform paragraphs; the paragraph should provide the argument and evidence that supports your thesis statement
  3. Conclusion, which sums up your essay and connects everything you have written to the thesis statement.

·         Use the appropriate vocabulary

Good use of vocabulary will spice up your essay and make it interesting to read. Besides, it allows you to express your ideas and arguments clearly and concisely.  It is important to use transitional words to connect one idea to another. Such words include Besides, Furthermore, Additionally, Nevertheless and others. Also, learn to use various phrases that spice up your essay. They may include: On the other hand, Then again, Having said that, In other words, To that end, That is to say, You put it another way, In order to, and many others.

·         Follow the instructions

One reason why some people fail in their essays is neglecting the instructions given by the professor. Before writing, ensure that you get the right requirements and the assigned readings. Such readings might provide useful evidence to back up your essay.

·         Learn grammar, punctuations, and essay formatting

If you want to make your essays stunning and impressive, grammar, punctuation is some of the key elements to make your essay readable and easy to follow. Basic understanding of grimmer is a skill you won’t leave behind if you do not want your reader to switch off reading your essay after the first paragraph.  Make sure that your essay has proper verb and subject agreement, proper usage of pronouns and articles, properly structure sentences. Besides, make sure you punctuate your sentences properly. In academic writing, avoid using passive voice and ensure all your sentences are in the active voice.  For example, write “the research proves that” instead of “it is proven by research”.  Make sure you have simple sentences that do not contribute to wordiness. Finally, learn the different formatting and citing styles for different types of essays.

·         Analyze the evidence

Having the main argument of your essay in mind is another key element to making sharpening your essay.  Not all evidence is relevant to your essay. Always ensure that the evidence you include in your essay supports your thesis statement. Failure to do this might make your essay less concise and thus score low grades. Always use the strongest evidence to support your argument. If a piece of evidence does not contribute to supporting your argument, you should consider omitting it.

·         Use Scholarly Articles

Ensure that you use the academic works and scholarly articles to source your content. These articles are highly recommended for your essays unless otherwise instructed. Nevertheless, reading the academic articles give you some insights on the academic style and basic writing rules.  The more you read, the easier it becomes for you to write.

·         Proofread Your Paper

Once you are done writing your essay, the next crucial step is editing and proofreading.  Proofreading eliminates all grammatical and other errors in your essays.  Sometimes it is boring to proofread a paper that you have just stopped writing. In this case, you may request for Edit and Proofread My Essay to get the burden off your shoulder.  In any case, another person is likely to spot mistakes that you may not see even if you proofread your paper.  That is why good writers get someone else to proofread their essays.

·         Consult the experts

In case you are having difficulties in writing your essay, you can request for Graduate Assignment Help or Graduate assignment Help Online. We can provide high-quality essay writing assistance and help you improve your grade. Our essay writing services will also provide you with more skills on how to make your essays more impressive.


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