The Topic Will be about Alqaeda

  The Topic Will be about Alqaeda 

Milestone Description – all dates to be announced

Submission of topic and thesis statement 

 Submission of Literature Review

Submission of Prospectus

First Draft of Paper Submission of first draft of paper or project

Second Draft of Paper Submission of second draft of paper or project

Final draft of Paper 

Final Presentation: Oral presentation before students and teachers – date of presentation will be announced. Please note that you will graded on not only the final paper and class presentation, but also the intermediate steps. Your failure to submit the required intermediate work can result in a reduction of your grade on the paper or the presentation or both.

Class Presentation Requirements. All students will be required to make a presentation to their peers on a date to be announced. Do not simply read your paper accompanied by PowerPoint slides. Sound and other creative enhancements may be used. The student will also prepare an appropriate number of handouts to accompany the presentation and to be distributed to the class.

Process of Drafting Capstone Paper:

1. Pick a Thesis or Topic

2. Develop Thesis Statement

3. Commence Research I

Literature Review

4. Submit Literature Review

5. Develop Outline

6. Draft Prospectus

7. Commence Research II

Body Research

a. IRB (Institutional Review Board) permission

8. Draft Abstract

9. First Draft of Paper

10. Final Paper 

1. Submission of Thesis Statement – a brief statement of the argument or analysis that is to follow; roadmap to help or alert the reader as to the nature of the paper. Some good websites to help you understand exactly what a thesis statement is and how to draft one can be found at:

2. Literature Review – Review of all relevant literature to place the research in the environment of the field; find other similar research; and direct future research. See: 

3. Outline ‐ document used to aid in the process of writing the paper; an outline can help the student organize ideas. See: 

4. Prospectus – The prospectus should make up the first section of your final project. It will contain the introduction to the research project, the literature review, and the roadmap of what will be covered in the final project. See: 

5. Abstract ‐ in order to both attract and inform a reader, an abstract should be a complete but concise description of the paper; a concise summary of the key points of the paper incorporating the thesis statement:

6. Draft ‐ the draft transforms the outline into essay form. It will have mistakes, but should be the best quality submission you can offer. Comments by the instructor concerning the draft will be submitted to you. See: 

7. Final Draft ‐ final proof reading, editing, and submission. The final paper must be at least 15 to20 pages excluding cover page, title page, abstract, table of contents, bibliography, appendixes, endnotes, etc. See: 

Technical Requirements and Suggestions:

The order of the final paper:

a. Cover page – title, your name, class

b. Title page – title of paper

c. Acknowledgement (optional)

d. Dedication (optional)

e. Table of Contents

f. Body of work

g. Bibliography

h. Appendixes

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