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there are 2 different essay that need to be reading, then write a new paper .

1 it must contain one thesis statement in the end of first paragraph, then have to 3 body graphs with topic sentence in order to support the these statement.

2 one body paragraph need 2 quote that choose in different 2 essay, and quote should set up, integrated, punctuated, and cite properly, the quote should analyze it not summarize it.

3 In the essay, no ‘I’ or ‘In my opinion’, no’ people ‘.

4 In the first paragraph, the author need introduce about 2 essay, and summarize their points in 1st paragraph.

5 Transitions between paragraphs are not just mechanical, but explain real connection between real ideal in paragraph.

6 all body paragraphs effectively support the thesis.

7 essay need MLA style, and i will give you a sample writing that i have been written, please follow that format.

8 this essay must have 5 paragraph, (1 introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraph, and 1 conclusion paragraph)

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