The Plays and Playwrights Form, writing assignment help

This assignment will submit before Oct. 4th

I upload the materials on the bottom


  • Typed
  • Times New Roman font size 12pt
  • 1 inch margins
  • Uploaded to Canvas with the correct file title format – First initial. last name, name of assignment.



1. Title of the play (3pts)

2. Author of the play (2pts)

3. Setting(s) (4pts) 

4. Time Written and Time(s) Set (4pts) 

5. Theme (ONE primary and TWO secondary/complimentary) in complete essay form (10pts) 

 6. All characters and their relationship to one another (8pts) 

7. A well-crafted, brief synopsis, in your own words in essay form (14pts)

8. Genre: Comedy – Drama – Musical – Children’s Theatre or combination. Why? (3pts)

9. Your overall feelings about the play. This can be informal. (2pts)


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