The Jewelry by Guy de Maupassant, writing homework help

Help me with the Short story response  

Make this essay to 5 paragraphs. 

The topic sentence is  It happens in our modern world whereby people hide their true personalities and only  what they want others to see.

Do not use first person. Then write there main characters for there paragraphs. Write about how do they hide their true personalities and only  show what they want others to see. (Matilde Loisel Monsieur Lantin and his new wife.)

Also talk about how they hide their true perisonalities contact in our modern world and human nature.

Please no plot.

Do not forge to not use the pronoun “you” in your essay.  I may be used and we, if identified such humans, people, readers, etc. , and make sure that the pronoun agrees with its antecedent.  An example is :Everyone brought his/her book. Do not use pronouns excessively.  Also, if a sentence is takes up more space than two lines on your paper, there is a better chance of making a mistake like a comma splice or run-on. There are no extra spaces between paragraphs and twenty lines per page. 

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