The Importance of Reentry Programs & Recidivism Rates

The Importance of Reentry Programs & Recidivism Rates

Chapter1: Introduction – reentry programs help offenders (living accommodations, employment, substance abuse, mental health)

  1. Purpose For the Study( reentry programs decrease recidivism)
  2. Research Questions 
  • Type of reentry programs
  • How effective are reentry programs
  • Alternative Programs decreasing recidivism within communities
  • How are reentry programs structured
  • Likelihood of ex-offended who participate in reentry programs to recidivist
  • Reentry program policy
  1. 3. Hypothesis
  2. 4.Definitions of Terms 15+
  3. 5. Limitations of the Study

Chapter 2: Review of the Literature

  • Intro
  • Types of Prisoner Re-Entry Programs
  • The Effectiveness of Prisoner Re-Entry Programs
  • Structures for the Re-Entry Programs
  • Offenders Participation requirements for Re-entry Programs
  • Policy Implication of Re-entry Programs
  • Alternative Programs

Chapter 3: Research Design

  1. Population (United States)
  2. Sample
  3. Measurement/Variables
  4. Data Collection
  5. Analyzing Data
  6. List of Steps

Appendix A (Resource for released paroles)

Appendix B (UCR Uniform Crime Report Explanations)

Appendix C ( Demogaphics of Crime/Incarceration and Correctional Systems Attributes)

Appendix D (Prison Population)


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