The Importance of Hand Washing During Covid-19

Persuasive Speaking

Currently, as we struggle to deal with the Coronavirus, we are all getting bombarded with information. Some of it is quality content and yet other bits can be not only misleading but downright harmful. How do we discern between the information we are exposed to? As scholars, what criteria to we use to verify and validate the information and guide us? This Persuasive Speech will require you to not only research an aspect of the Coronavirus, but also motivate us to change our behavior based upon your research.

The organization of the speech will have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Within the introduction you should have an attention getter and a thesis. The body of the speech should have three reasons that integrate the use of ethos, logos, and pathos. Finally, the speech should have a conclusion that pulls the ideas together with a strong final thought.

The speech itself should be between four to six minutes in length. For every 30 seconds that you are above or below the time requirement, there will be a 5-point penalty.

Your speech should contain at least three oral citations. Please be sure to develop the citations and that you have properly established the credibility of your research.

While you may record the speeches multiple times before you upload the video, please do not edit the video. The recording you upload needs to be shot in one continual take. If you stop and start or edit the recording, there will be a 20-point deduction.

Please submit by Noon on Friday, April 10, 2020 a description of your topic focus, an outline of your body with research, and a Works Cited page.

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