The Future of Health IT Policy

APA formatted 3-6 pgs(not including title, abstract, and references) using 3-5 references.

Review the ONC Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2015-2020 again.

In addition, review the Policymaking, Regulation and Strategy initiatives on ONC’s website:

After everything that has been discussed in this course, elaborate on your thoughts regarding the following:

1. How has federal government involvement, initiatives and regulations helped accelerate Health IT adoption over the past decade? What are some of it’s biggest accomplishments?

2. What are 3 key challenges the healthcare industry and policymakers face between now and 2015-2020 to achieve the goals outlined in the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan and why? Be specific.

3. What do you see as 3-4 goals that policymakers might include in the next Federal Health IT Strategic Plan (beyond 2020) and why?

Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2015-2020(1).pdf

2015 National University Research Paper Template(3).doc

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